Macro servetel

Mai mult pe partea experimentala. Fotografia a fost realizata cu 2 obiective 50/1.8 inversate. Este o tehnica buna pentru cei care nu au un obiectiv macro… eu nu am :D.

Reversing a lens of lesser focal length in front of a normally mounted lens using a very inexpensive “macro coupler,” which uses two male filter threads to join lenses. This method allows most cameras to maintain the full function of electronic communication with the normally mounted lens for features such as open-aperture metering. Magnification ratio is calculated by dividing the focal length of the normally mounted lens by the focal length of the reversed lens (i.e., when a 18 mm lens is reverse mounted on a 300 mm lens a 16:1 magnification ratio is achieved). The use of automatic focus is not recommended due to the extra weight of the reverse-mounted lens. Attempted use of automatic focus with this technique could result in damage to the camera or lens. Working distance is significantly reduced as compared to the original lens.

Avand in vedere ca eu am avut 2 obiective de 50mm, ratia de marire este de … 1:1 😀

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