Deci astea sunt matze fericite 🙂

Kneading is an inherited behavior formed in kittenhood. Kittens knead the mother’s teat to stimulate milk flow. This action of kittens is called ‘milk thread’ as this is carried out during nursing. When the kitten drinks faster than the milk flow, kneading helps them promote the flow of milk.
This behavior is brought out in any soft, warm area even in your laps! It is usually done when a cat is satisfied, content or happy. It is the cat’s way of expressing ‘I am comfortable with you’. When your cat kneads excessively in your lap, it means it has may have adopted you as a mother-figure.

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Joi cand ne intorceam inspre casa am vazut felina asta pe treptele pro-ului. S-au oprit alte doua cupluri sa o mangaie. Nu am avut cum sa nu scot aparatul asadar intra in “cat of the day”


Cat of the day today is Ozy. Este pisica Ruxandrei, citez “eu nu mi-am dorit decat o matza alintata care sa imi toarca si sa imi doarma in brate…m-am ales cu o pisica extrem de rasfatata, rautacioasa, foarte jucausa, care ne iubeste doar cand are ea chef, ma rog, noi suntem lesinati dupa ea tot timpul, chiar daca musca si ne fura mancarea din gura…”