Slackware 13

“Unlucky thirteen” sau un alt release stabil al distributiei Slackware?

We are sure you’ll agree that the improvements made in this release more than warrant the major version  bump up from the 12.x series. We’ve done our best to bring the latest technology to Slackware while still maintaining the stability and security that you have come to expect. Slackware is well known for it’s simplicity and the fact that we try to bring software to you in the condition that the authors intended. (anuntul oficial aici)

A fost lansat pe 27 august, evident nu am fost pe faza si vine cu urmatoarele:
– Versiune kernel
– Versiunea completa a K Desktop Environment (KDE) 4.2.4 impreuna cu Koffice, Kdevelop, Konqueror si altele.
– GNU C Library, version 2.9.
– X11
– compiler default: gcc-4.3.3 pentru C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran-77/95, and Ada 95.
– Suport pentru OpenSSL, OpenSSH, OpenVPN, si GnuPG.
– Apache (httpd) 2.2.13 web server (Dynamic Shared Object, support, SSL, and PHP 5.2.10)
– Suport imbunatatit pentru laptop: PCMCIA, CardBus, USB, IEE1394 (FireWire) si ACPI.
– The udev dynamic device management system for Linux 2.6.x (plug and play)
– Perl 5.10.0, Python 2.6.2,Ruby 1.8.7-p174, Subversion 1.6.4, git-1.6.4, mercurial-1.2.1, graphical tools like Qt designer and KDevelop, and much more.
– Updated versions of the Slackware package management tools
– Multe webbrowsere! Includes KDE’s Konqueror 4.2.4, SeaMonkey 1.1.17, Firefox 3.5.2, si Thunderbird pentru mail
– GTK+ based applications: pidgin-2.5.9, gimp-2.6.6, gkrellm-2.3.2, gxine-0.5.903, xchat-2.8.6, xsane-0.996, and pan-0.133.

Puteti sa il downloadati de aici (nu puneti baza pe mirror-urile din tara):

Multe imbunatatiri de la 12.2!!!

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